The Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Bicknor Road | Park Wood | Maidstone | ME15 9PS

Young Language Ambassadors

We are the Young Ambassadors for 2016-2017


We have recently trained six KS2 pupils to be young language ambassadors for our school. 
We celebrate that we have children that speak many different languages and are from
different cultures at Holy Family. 
Our young ambassadors can help new arrivals at school.  We will be having monthly meetings
with the young ambassadors so they can help us promote languages in our school.  They will
suggest a language of the month for the whole school to vote on, helping us with a display in           
the school and helping us to decide what other activities we can do to help all the children to understand about different cultures. 
Watch this space for our next language of the Term that will be posted on here! 
Meet the Children
Scarlet, Grace, Hannah, Seyitan, Pola and Kyron
This Terms Country is:

Brian, Amelia, Ethan, Dana, Summer and Harry 2016-17

Language of the term