The Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Bicknor Road | Park Wood | Maidstone | ME15 9PS


Term 1

Ourselves - we will be looking at ourselves focusing on appearance, our senses and what makes us unique.

We read the Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We learnt the names of parts of our bodies, how we use our skeleton for different activities. We constructed skeletons from different materials and labelled different bones.

We used mirrors to look at our faces. We learnt about the words we can use to describe ourselves, our hair colour, eye colour and how tall we are compared to our classmates.

A visitor came to see us to talk about our senses and the way we move around. We used blindfolds, headphones, crutches and a wheelchair to see what it would be like to lose one of our senses or our mobility. We worked together as a team to move around safely with one person giving commands like forwards, backwards, left and right.

Term 2

People Who Help Us - we will be learning about people in our community who help us, this will include visits from the Police and Fire services, the school nurse and the Royal Engineers.

The Fire Service visited us. We learnt about their fire engine and how they put out fires. We built our own fire engine and worked as a team with hoses and buckets to role-play fighting fires.

The police visited us and talked to us about how they protect us from crime. They showed us all of their equipment and how they use their notebook and torch in their job. We saw how the lights and sirens work on the police car.

We had a visit from the school nurse. We learnt about different equipment including stethoscopes and bandages.

The Royal Engineers visited us and we learnt about how they build bridges, especially when people are trapped by floods. We learnt how to make strong bridges and worked as a team to make our own. We tested how much weight our bridges could hold before they broke.

Term 3

Barnaby Bear Around The World - we will learn about the culture and climate in different parts of the world

We learnt about the landmarks of London and who the Royal Family are.

Barnaby visited China, we learnt about how New Year is celebrated and the history of the Terracotta Army. We tried Chinese food and voted for our favourites.

We listened to a drum beat and responded to the tempo to move together as a dragon. We had to follow the leader, who was the head of our dragon.

We worked in groups to make our own dragons.

Barnaby went to Australia and we learnt about the landmarks in Sydney. We learnt about Aboriginal art and read the story of Tiddalick the Frog.

Term 4

New Beginnings - we will learn about flowers, baby animals and how farms work.  We will also be celebrating World Book Day, Mothers Day and Easter.

Our costumes for World Book Day

Term 5

In the Garden - we will be learning about plants, insects, animals.  We will be growing our own flowers and vegetables.  We will be tasting our own class grown vegetables.  We will visit Capstone Park to investigate the wildlife, including pond dipping and nature walks.

Term 6

Under the Sea - we will be learning about marine life and the beach.  We will be learning about pirates and visiting the Historic Dockyard for a pirate workshop day.