The Holy Family Catholic Primary School
Bicknor Road | Park Wood | Maidstone | ME15 9PS

Holy Family Local Governing Body (LGB)

The three key responsibilities of governing bodies are:

  • Setting the vision and ethos
  • Holding school leaders to account
  • Ensuring financial probity



Our school is part of KCSP, a partnership of Catholic schools in Kent whose aim is to protect and promote Catholic education. The Trust, as it is known, has responsibilities for some aspects of governance but the school’s own Local Governing Body still has many responsibilities and powers. We are now known as the Local Governing Body (LGB) and work with the Trust and with other Catholic schools in the Trust to support and challenge one another. Our Chair of Governors is currently a Director on the Trust Board.

In order to carry out these responsibilities, The Holy Family School works as follows:

The Full Governing Body, chaired by the Chair of Governors, meets at least four times per year, normally at the beginning of terms 1, 3 and 5 and end of term 6. There may be additional meetings. There will also be a full meeting at the end of Term 4 to agree the budget to recommend to KCSP.

The Strategy Team, chaired by the Chair of Governors, meets 6 x per year at the beginning of each term and before the GB meeting if that falls due. This team consists of the Senior Leadership team of the school + Chair of Governors, Vice-Chair and one other governor. This governor may not be the same person each time, depending on priorities. This team will consider how the school is making progress based on progress data and achievement against school priorities. It will decide and monitor the priorities for the year and agree the Raising Attainment Plan for each term. It also evaluates the use of Pupil Premium funding. It will decide monitoring priorities for governors.

Where committees are needed for occasional decision making, they exist as follows:

Admissions: chaired by Lyn Coyle
Pay committee: chaired by Rob Sharpley
Finance This will include the monitoring of the budget and budget processes, although final monitoring is now performed by the Trust.

Monitoring groups/ pairs/ individuals are governors who carry out monitoring activities over the two terms 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6. This monitoring is reported to the HT and CoG who, in turn, report back to the full GB at the beginning of the next term. These activities help governors get to know how the school is performing against school priorities as decided by the Strategy Team. These activities might include visits to lessons or staff members but could also include phone calls and emailed questions. There may also be specific issues that are raised through the year where it would be appropriate for someone from the LGB to visit and report.

The focus of the work done by monitoring pairs will be decided by the strategy group and based on the Ofsted Rapid Improvement Plan and the needs of the school at that time. The following are some essential items:

  • Quality of teaching                   } Carried out through Strategy Group
  • Pupil Progress and achievement }
  • Safeguarding
  • Health and Safety
  • SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) and Pupil Premium
  • R.E.
  • Attendance

The structure below aims to show how this works in practice.